Donald A. Stuart - Custom Designer - Goldsmith, Midhurst, Ontario, Jewellery, Corporate Gifts, Architectural Installations

Custom Design - The Commissioning Process

Don traditionally gets many ideas from that first meeting. During the next stage he will prepare and present a number of drawings to help the client with his or her decision. Usually there is one drawing that the client will immediately prefer. Often after a collaboration of ideas, it is different from what the client originally came to Don to discuss! If necessary, the client will give more specific directions from which Don will prepare and present additional sketches

The next step depends upon the project. If the commission is for wedding rings that will be cast in precious metal, wax models will be made up which the client can try on ensuring a perfect fit. If it is a corporate or architectural project then full size or scale models may be made. This model stage can be very important as many people have difficulty imagining something from a drawing.  Following approval, the final piece will then be created.

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Model of the “Triple Tiara Trophy”
made from styrofoam, paper, cardboard,
drinking straws and a wooden ball.